I’m Featured!

I entered my photo to Fearless & Framed for documenting the adult men in my life. I loved this photo of my husband building one of my sets so much I decided to go for it. It ended up being featured on their blog!


You can check out the post here:



Christine + Ted = Just Married

I had to do it. I had to come out of wedding photography retirement for Christine. She is the person who inspired me to start running. She was one of the people who inspired and continues to inspire my health and fitness journey over the last year. So how could I say no when she asked me to photograph her wedding? The answer is simple. I couldn’t. And I’m glad I was lucky enough to be there to enjoy this special day. I cried multiple times, ate cake and danced with the flower girl a little bit. It was a great wedding. Christine and Ted, congratulations! XOXO




The first week of November is always an up and down week for me.

It starts with celebrating my dad’s life on the 4th. It’s a sad but happy day for me. I miss him beyond words but I also love to think about him and all the happy memories I have of him. In addition to this, we celebrate my grandpa’s and my father in-law’s birthdays on the 6th. Those, of course, are always happy days. My grandpa is a special kind of breed. He’s a pain in the neck but I love him and all of his hilarious quirks and I love celebrating his life with our annual pancake breakfast at Norm’s where he can tell me all about his latest aches & pains. Then there’s my father in-law

These photos are really bittersweet for me. They make me incredibly happy because E has a special connection with his grandpa. Well, he actually has a special connection with each of his grandparents. But his grandpa, there has always been something unique about their relationship and it’s clear in these pictures. I love my father in-law, he’s a great man, father, and grandfather so really, who can blame E for gravitating toward him?  But they also make me feel a hint of sadness knowing that E will never get to meet my dad. I know that they too would’ve had an amazing relationship. I know E loves his grandparents beyond measure and I am eternally grateful for them. He loves “Grandma Day” and “Nana Day” and sometimes gives me a whine when I say it’s a “Mommy Day”. Fine by me if it means he’s enjoying his time with his grandparents that much. ♥

So, that being said…Happy birthday to the best father in-law on earth. We love you. Especially the little version of us.

Monica & Vincent {Just Married}

This wedding was extra special to me.Vincent is one of my husband’s best friends.
They’ve known each other since they were 13 years old. And we have been waiting
for this wedding to happen for 15 years! Monica is such a sweetheart and I was
genuinely excited and honored to be a part of this beautiful wedding!