Mini Sessions FAQ


What are mini sessions?
They are very short (15 minute), themed sessions that are done a few times a year for different seasons or holidays. 

When are your next mini’s going to be?
It depends on my schedule and if I come up with any cute ideas. I will always send an email out for sign ups a few weeks in advance. You can sign up for the Mini Sessions email list here: Mini’s Email List

Who are the mini sessions for?
I recommend them for kids age 6 months (able to sit up) or older. The sets are on the smaller side so typically no more than 3-4 kids can fit at a time.

Can parents be in the photos or is it kids only?
Yes, parents and kids can be in the photos as long as you are using the mini’s set, with the exception of Mommy & Me Minis (just mom and kids) and Daddy &  Me Minis (just dad and kids). If you want to photos without my props, please contact me to set up a regular session on a different date. If you are interested in Mommy & Me or Daddy & Me and want to add dad or mom to the photos, I ask that you please contact me to set up a regular session on a different date or sign up for a different mini session later in the year.

I’m pregnant, can we also take maternity photos during the session?
Yes, as long as you are using the mini’s set. If you want maternity photos without the mini session set, please contact me to set up a separate private session.

Can I have my images sooner than everyone else?
No, sorry.

But I need them sooner because (insert your reason here). Why can’t I have them before everyone else?
Because there are so many sessions to edit, they take 3-4 weeks to process. I understand you want to use these for cards and gifts. It’s my goal to get them done quickly but it isn’t fair to everyone else to cut in line.

I don’t see anywhere to view my photos, where do I go?

I will email the link to you when they are ready for viewing. If you haven’t received an email yet, it’s because the photos aren’t ready yet.

How do I download my images?
Once you purchase your images you will receive an email with an orange download link in it. Click that orange link.

I seem to have forgotten…wasn’t I supposed to get more images than what my coupon code is giving me?
These are the two mini session packages I usually offer:

$125.00 – 5 image downloads of your choice. $10.00 each additional download.
$150.00 – 10 image downloads of your choice. $8.00 each additional download.
**Prices and packages are subject to change.

What kind of editing is included in my photos?
My standard editing is included with your photos which includes exposure and color correction. It does not include any further retouching services.

Can you switch faces, smiles, heads between pictures? Can you remove wrinkles, make me skinnier?
I bill at my hourly rate for photos that you request to have retouched. If the image is one that I cannot retouch, I will have to outsource it and a quote will be provided to you. Please email me for details.

Costco/Target/Shutterfly, etc. won’t print my pictures without a photographer’s release, can you give me one?
Yes, for the low, low price of $19.99. Just kidding.  Click here to find the printable version.

How long will the images be available?
Gallery expiration dates will appear in your online gallery. Typically 2 weeks from the date of image release.

I missed out and didn’t download the images in time, what do I do?
Contact me to re-open your gallery, there is a $25.00 fee to do this.

How do I avoid having to pay $25 for a re-upload?
Be sure to download your images before the gallery expiration date.

I may want to reupload at a later date and purchase more images. How long do you hold my images?
I guarantee image availability for 1 year after gallery expiration date. After that, there is a chance the images
will no longer be available. Please contact me if you want me to reupload your images and I’ll let you know if I
still have them.

I’ve read every single question on here but it still doesn’t answer my
 burning with urgency, question. Can I email you?

Of course. Please drop me an email, text or phone call. I’ll do my best to answer you.