About Me

headshotbI am Gloria. Aka “G”, Glo, GPP or my absolute favorite, G Plunks.

I am a photographer, wife and mom. Never in any consistent order
but I am all those things to some pretty wonderful people.

I was born with a camera in my hands. At 19 I had an epiphanous moment
while sitting in my college parking lot wondering why I was majoring in
something I wasn’t fully passionate about. With that my life changed
and my journey began.

I am in love with photography. I mean heart bursting at the seams kind
of love. Because I’m one of those people who believes in magic.

For as long as I can remember, I have always known the camera is magical.
It holds the power to immortalize fractions of a second. Fractions of one
second that will never be repeated again. See? I told you. Magical.

Two things I love:
1. All things vintage. The cars, the clothes, the furniture.
2. Family. Nothing is more important to me than family. And 99% of the time,
I feel like I’ve acquired new family members when I finish a session.

I describe my style as rustic romantic with a modern twist and one where smiles
are not a requirement. But really, I just shoot what feels right in my heart.

Laughter, smiles, tears, and tantrums, they’re all important and all equally deserve to be
photographed.  These are the photos that show who we once were and who we are now.
Photos are an invaluable reflection of our path in life from falling in love, to getting married,
to having babies and watching them grow.

I collect tiny moments of time with a little black box that tell the story of people’s lives. If I
am lucky, you’ll be one of those people.