Fall is Almost Here!

It’s time again for Halloween Minis! Cute, spooky sets planned for this year, I’m really excited! Shoots will take place at my home in Torrance. To book, please email with your preferred date and 3 time slots. If you can do any day and/or any time, please let me know. Hope to see you there!



From September-November I shot well over 30,000 images and spent hundreds of hours editing. I wouldn’t have been able to make them or edit them all without the help of my husband to help make the sets, my mom to watch E so I can edit, and definitely not without my assistant Kerri to help me sort through them. Now it’s time for my month-long VACATION! But first, just one of my favorite shots from a small wedding I did in early November. I think this should be called the Hugging Tree.


Winter Minis Test Shoot

Here are just some basic samples of my Winter Minis sets. There will be more stuff added, just wanted to get color scheme and basic ideas out to those who are shooting with me!:)